Well, it’s been awhile. I’m happy to report that the husband and I are credit card debt free!


Next on the snowball list is our auto loan which is down to $4084.




Whoa, December!

Shit, wow. How is it December? Los Angeles has been unsesasonably warmer than usual so it’s really hard to gauge.

NSN went pretty well. I’m happy with the results and how the month turned out. I did buy a couple items for black Friday but they were on budget.

MY goals for December are not really financial at all. I just want to enjoy the end of the year and share it with my new little family. (New husband + cat)

Husband works in tv and is going on a hiatus in a couple weeks for the season. So it’s just going to be us not adding debt and keeping things tight.

I’m also setting my sights on maybe looking for a new job. I think it’s just time to move on in my position. It’s fun with amazing people who work with me but it’s entry level and I’m over-qualified.

We’re nearly there

I can’t believe we’re just a couple days away from Thanksgiving and a week away from the end of the month!

Murphy hit us really hard this month. Breaking my toe (we’re still waiting on all the doctors bills), over $600 in car repairs, and we got a cat. (I guess that wasn’t necessary but he has been a stray and sticking around for 2 years so we wanted to bring him inside.)

We’ve been fighting a battle with fleas since we took our cat, Oreo in but hopefully we can eradicate them. We’ve only managed to find one living flea in the apartment and the rest have been found dead on Oreo since we got the Revolution treatment when we adopted him.

Regardless of all the Murphy, we were able to pay off the Visa card completely and get the Paypal Line of Credit down to a $2,000 balance.

Halfway There

Wow, I’m feeling pretty good on this No Spend November. Only one day of spending which is great.

I spent last weekend housesitting and will be getting some cash from that. The money will cover the remaining balance on our Homeaway rental for our Minimoon to Portland in December.


No Spend November 2017 – Day One


The challenge for myself has started! No spending on any non-essentials for the month.

No takeout
No craft supplies
No clothes
No Booze
No spend on anything that I don’t need.

To reiterate, here are the goals for the month:

No takeout if I’m eating alone.
No craft/scrapbook supplies.
Sell $100 of stuff. Destash on Poshmark, Etsy, and Ebay
Get Paypal Card to $2,000 balance.

It’s important to me to really reflect on what I am grateful for this month and not focus on the sales and the goodies. This is our first holiday season as married and I want to create moments and memories we will have forever.

Also, since I broke my toe 3 days ago, who knows how much of our savings we’re going to cut down for this.


Urgent Care

Only two days left in October. Two days before I start a No Spend November Challenge.

And I spent yesterday in Urgent Care.

I walked over to the donut store yesterday around 10am and picked up a couple donuts for breakfast. I was going to spread out at the kitchen table and work on November’s budget and wrap up October in YNAB.

Instead, I stubbed my baby toe on one of those concrete dividers in the parking lot.

My husband drove me to Urgent Care where they x-ray-d my toe. They wrapped in and boot it in a little shoe to protect it. Then the doctor told me to go to a general practitioner and then to a specialist to get a cast on the tiny toe.


I consulted with my friend who is an RN and she told me to just keep it wrapped and monitor it. If it doesn’t seem to be healing, to go but not yet.

The toe is not discolored, nor did it draw blood and it doesn’t hurt. I’d give it a 1 or 2 on the pain scale. It is a bit crooked now but I think that’s just how it’s gonna be. I compared the break to Owen Wilson’s nose. Yeah, he’s had his nose broken and it’s crooked now but that makes him distinguishable. And, I’m not a dancer or anything so as long as I can heal it, I’ll be good.


Cheater + Next Challenge

Well, on Tuesday I got some sushi and last night I got McDonalds. Woo. Not great but the challenge is over and I used cash. Regardless, I still want to work toward our debt payoff goals so I think I got that compulsion to spend on food out of my system. Back on the wagon. It’s November and do you know what that means?


Yep! I’m doing a No Spend November! My goal is to save up my Fun Money so I can afford some fun on our Minimoon in Portland for Christmas. It will also help deter me from Black Friday sales.


No takeout if I’m eating alone.
No craft/scrapbook supplies.
Sell $100 of stuff. Destash on Poshmark, Etsy, and Ebay
Get Paypal Card to $2,000 balance.

These are pretty lofty goals. I’m usually too lazy to list things on ebay and because we’re taking our Minimoon in Portland December 21-25. So having some spending money is definitely a pro here.

I started listing stamps that have never been used on ebay last night and people are sending offers and lowballing me. We will see how it goes.